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Hi all,

"Alfonso" here. Just wanted to get something off my chest--figured you all would probably understand the best.

You may have read recently about the Spiderman fiasco. And no, I'm not talking about the third movie, which was really a piece of shit. No, I'm talking about the director and lead actor deciding not to make the fourth film. And then the Sony studio is talking about rebooting the series in time to compete with the new Trek film?

I can't count the ways this is dumb. And I don't presume to know much about sci-fi. In fact, I don't give a spider's left testicle whether they make the stupid movie or not. But Sony: c'mon. Rebooting the franchise? Isn't it a bit soon? Obama gets the Peace Prize before he accomplishes anything and now Spiderman's getting rebooted? Is the whole world in some sort of mythic pre-ejaculatory state? We just can't wait so we're getting our jollies too early?

WTF, world? WTF?


Spacerguy said...

Humans can be such emotional creatures that tend to leap before they look. If only time travel were real, I think we'd be seeing Spock elder arriving in his timeship by now.