Quiz: Mulder and Scully vs. Lois and Clark in an easter egg hunt in Mordor. Who finds the most?


Homework #5: Help

Has science fiction ever helped you? How?


catherine said...

Is it too late for me to answer this? Because I think I have a better answer for this one than I do for #6 :)

Alfonso The Witless TA said...

Oh, yeah, go ahead. But don't expect to get credit for it.

catherine said...

Thanks Alfonso. I wouldn't expect credit for it anyway :-P

catherine said...

Here is my answer:

I will say that Buffy is the main Sci Fi "medium" that has helped me. Honestly, it helps me to realize how universal some of my issues are, and gives me "people" (characters) to relate to. Even though the characters aren't real, the issues they face are. It helps me feel not as alone. Sometimes it (the show) even serves as a reminder of lessons, consequences, etc...typically the episodes or season I watch relate to something going on in my life or an event in my life--or the possibility of one. Then it's easier for me to think through some of my "crap".