Quiz: Mulder and Scully vs. Lois and Clark in an easter egg hunt in Mordor. Who finds the most?


Alfonso's First Post!!!!!!!

Hi, I'm Alfonso, I'm your TA, yada yada yada. If you need anything, just let me know. But don't expect me to get back to you in a timely manner. I'm busy. And honestly, I don't really like Sci-Fi. I just came to the University of Awesome 'cause, you know, how the hell you gonna pass up a chance to go to the University of Awesome?

I'm a grad student here at UOA. What do I study? None of Your Business 101. It's an actual course. Look it up.

Listen, I know you're all trying to learn about Sci-Fi and everything but, c'mon? Who watches this stuff? It's ridiculous. Every plot is so excessively more absurd than it ever really needed to be. I mean, sure, we did go to the moon. But some of the stuff they come up with--Magical Worms living in people (Trills) and Hayden Christensen being Darth Vader. C'mon. So I don't take too much stock in Prof. Sci-Fi. I'm just here 'cause of the money. You get me? And if I happen to maybe diss your little obsession every once in awhile: deal with it.

The thing is, Prof. Sci-Fi isn't really tech savvy. I'm the one running the show here on the blog. The new header--that wasn't an accident. I'm his guru when it comes to the computer. So don't be deceived by my official name. "Alfonso the Witless TA?" My real name is Steve. And Prof. Sci-Fi thought he'd nickname me that to be funny. He thinks I'm witless because when we first met, I tripped over his wastebasket and because I couldn't name the prefix code for the U.S.S Reliant. So apparently, I'm an idiot.

But I did watch TWOK again and checked. It's 16309.

Anyway, welcome to the class. Try to learn something. I'll be grading your papers.

Don't screw up.


Spacerguy said...

Don't like Sci-Fi! What the blazes...?? The trekkie inside me is wailing now. See what you've done! I guess your starship software needs rebooting. Big style. LOL...

There must be a virus or something eating away at your isolinear optical chips. Don't beat yourself up too much about it. Maybe Geordi can help you!!

Alfonso The Witless TA said...

Hey, man, don't judge. To each his own. I'm just not into it.

But your Geordi reference was cool.