Quiz: Mulder and Scully vs. Lois and Clark in an easter egg hunt in Mordor. Who finds the most?


Homework #2

Which sci-fi ideal do you aspire most to? What are you doing to achieve it?


Jeff LaFave said...

The sci-fi ideal that I try to adhere to (as I see it fit) is the idea of equality and consistency.

For example, Superman, Spider-Man, or any generic superhero abides to one concept: protect anybody from harm at any cost. While they might have a special reservation of treatment for wrong-doers or villains, the general idea is to preserve the life of the common individual, regardless of race, gender, sex, or lifestyle orientation. This is similar to a doctor's pledge to the Hippocratic Oath.

While I am not a superhero or a doctor (though I hope to play one on TV someday), I do try to live my life under the same dictate: treat everybody equally, and treat everybody well, at that.

This example can be applied to something as minor as holding the door for anybody near me. For a direct example in my life, I choose to help out "YiXiao," a Chinese exchange student on my floor, even though he is not fluent in the English language, and needs incredible help when it comes to writing papers. I do these things not because they are expected of me (they aren't in the least). I do these things because I would personally expect this sort of unconditional help from someone else, should I ever fall into similar circumstances. This is why the "common citizen" is so eager to help a fallen superhero: the "good side" knows no team boundaries.

Prof. Sci-Fi said...

Jeff you get an A. Thanks for being an outstanding human being.